My first blog post


Hello !!

It has been four years since I came to the US. Four years that have given me the time to see, learn about and experience a completely different culture and form of life to the one I grew up with in Barcelona, Spain.

I don’t regret it at all; actually, I would do it all over again if I could. Learn what I could say and what I couldn’t, the “bubble” culture and so much more. Since most of my family and friends still live far away from me, I thought it would be easier and nice to share a blog about how my life is here and how I live.

And to begin with something funny, here are some pictures of my first year in Colorado.

297097_2521320988812_1899455367_n Mi primera excursión a las montañas de Boulder | My first hike in Boulder, with my cousin and two friends. 298286_10150443032621081_1722925633_n Mi primera nevada con leggings y mi camiseta de pijama | My first snow (and yes, I am wearing leggings and my pj shirt).


La primera vez que fuimos a celebrar un juego de fútbol americano | My first tailgate.


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