Oh Colorful Colorado!

colo 2.jpg08 September 2016

I am not going to lie: I did not know a lot about Colorado before coming here. I knew it was known for its mountains, this was the state where Aspen was located and that it was cold for six months of the year…

Colorado is now famous for many more things than I thought, like its breweries, the spectacular aviation programs universities have, being a start-up’s dream location and much, much more. 

Now, after living here for the past four years, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I do love cities like Washington D.C. and L.A., but those don’t feel like home to me. There are so many things about this place that I love and would miss if I were to ever leave. Like being able to experience the four seasons distinctly, sometimes even in one day hahahah or the beautiful parks and green areas that make Colorado the place it is. Everywhere you look there is a place for people to gather and bring their pets, exercise or just hang out. 

Then there are the astonishing mountains this place is known for. There are smaller, easier mountains people can hike, bike or drive up like some in the city of Boulder. Then there are 14ers like Mount Bierstadt or Mount Evans. I’ve done the first one and let me tell you that I didn’t know how out of shape I was until I started that bad boy… But those are definitely within my five favourite things to do. And the views on the top are SO WORTH IT. 

I also love the people here in Colorado. When I first came I was surprised at how polite and friendly everyone was. It was so weird to me! I almost felt uncomfortable because I felt like they were being fake… Now, I have even noticed that I try to stop myself when I have something sassy to say and try to stay polite and nice to everyone. It has made such a big difference!!! Road-rage = almost Zero! I love how everybody is ready to answer any questions and so willing to help you when you’re in need. I try to take this with me everywhere I go. However, patience is not a virtue I have mastered quite yet, but I am getting there! 

Lastly, and this might not be unique to Colorado, I love how everyone gets so into the festivities here. It’s the beginning of September and people here are already putting up Autumn decor and Halloween things hahahaha I love how the neighborhoods are decorated and everybody’s house seems to be synchronized with the season. 

Well, I could go on ranting about everything that I love about this beautiful city but I won’t. Below I have listed some things I believe everybody who comes to this state should do or visit. I know sometimes there is not enough time, but I thought I would still list them all. 

  1. Mountains – whether it is something close to downtown like Red Rocks or you have more time and can go to Georgetown (Clear Creek) or the Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, the mountains are a must see! 
  2. Washington or City Park – these are both close to downtown and easily accessible to everyone. You can enjoy a beautiful summer picnic or a chilly fall barbecue with family and friends, or simply go on a walk around the park. 
  3. Denver Art Museum or Museum of Nature and Science – these are two of my favourite museums in Denver. The expositions they host are always spectacular and the art museum is a great place to learn about Colorado, its history and the native people. 
  4. Breweries and Old Town’s – there are tons of these around the whole state, but one of the ones I visit the most is Fort Collins. They have really cute little town shops and exceptionally good local restaurants and coffee shops. 
  5. Boulder – I think this is one of the cutest towns Colorado has. If you can, I suggest visiting Pearl Street Mall and the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, which has my all-time favourite teas! 
  6. Hot Springs – If you have time and want to truly relax, the hot springs are a great way to do so. Again, there are several of these around the state, but one of the closest ones to downtown Denver is probably Glenwood Springs. Definitely one of my biggest little pleasures during the cold months here. 


Let me know what you think about these, if you have been to Colorado before or have other suggestions for others and myself!! I am not native to this place and always love to discover new places and things to do. 

Lots of love, Yara ♥ 


[Walking through the woods in Roosevelt National Forest]


[Last Fall’s leaves at our house]


[Red Rocks when my family visited last December. Funny enough, we weren’t posing. My cousin just took an amazing picture] image3.JPG

[Last March… yes, March!]


[Evergreen, Colo. – One of my favourite lakes]


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