Inspiration of the Week: Alexandrea Garza/ Maddalena


09 September 2016

Hello everybody! 

Lately I have been very inspired. Inspired to decorate my closet/ girl room, to try and not leave the house looking awful and even to experiment with make up (I am in NO WAY any good with make up, just so you know!). Since I am no expert in these, and don’t consider myself very fashion-forward, I definitely need help from ladies that are good at this. And what better than to get inspired by a fashionista/ YouTuber? 

I mean, they are online to help you out so I’m fully taking advantage of that. And while I love to get ideas from these ladies, I thought it would be just fair to give them credit and tell you why I love them, their ideas and styles in this Mini-Series called “Inspiration of the Week.”

Let me know if this is something you like and if you would like me to continue in a comment below! Now let’s get started!! 

Alexandrea Garza/ Maddalena 


I first found Alex in a random video on YouTube last year. I had just recently started watching YouTube videos to see how to do more sophisticated make-up looks when I saw one of every-day make-up videos. She was so sweet, fun and made make-up look so easy that I had to subscribe to her account. 

She is the first person I thought about for this series because I have been anxious for Autumn and whilst re-watching her Autumn videos from her Lifestyle Faves last year where she mentioned the Marshmallow Fireside candle. It is fair to say that I ran to Bath & Body Works to get myself several candles for the house and have been burning that one non-stop. 

What I love most about Alex are definitely her style, her make-up skills and her and Michael’s Vlogs. When I need be inspired as far as what clothing to wear, I’ll just go straight to her Instagram. But on day where I am home and can work from here, there is nothing better than to make my coffee and watch their Vlog channel to have a great laugh. It just brightens my day. Alex and Michael are completely #CoupleGoals. 

If you aren’t already, you need to follow them both on YouTube and social media. You won’t regret it !! They’ll even inspire your home decor (they both have great taste!). 

I hope you guys liked this post. Let me know below if you enjoy these and would like me to continue doing them. Until next time! 

Lots of love, Yara ♥


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