Inspiration of the Week: Emily Ann Gemma


Hi Loves!! 

I am back with this weeks inspiration and let me tell you that it was hard. There have been so many bloggers, vlogers and fashionistas I have been following lately, especially with this years New York Fashion Week, that I had a hard time choosing but one person to write about. 

After making a list of top five and looking what I liked the most about them, I realized that I always went back to this one lovely lady to check out what she was wearing, which shows she was attending and of course what her lovely puppy was doing. 

So here goes my #InspirationoftheWeek! 

Emily Ann Gemma 


I mean… Do I have to say much? If you follow Emily on Snap Chat, Instagram or her YouTube channel, I’m sure you know what I am talking about. 

My list of things I love about her and that inspire me were so long, that I had to (sadly) try to cut it short. She is, hands down, one of my FAVOURITE bloggers out there. 

Almost as crazy a dog-lover as I am, her sweet posts and pictures with Fitz is the cutest Golden-Doodle ever. Always having fun and taking him places with them. Just adorable! 

Emily’s fashion style is classy, modern and always appropriate. When I am looking for an outfit for my day, I always find myself going through her blog to find inspiration and ideas. It seems like she is always dressed appropriately, even if it is to just walk Fitz or go to the mall. 

She has done a blog post about her photography (or John’s hahahahha) before, but as much as they made it seem so simple, I do seeing the beautiful quality and angles of their photos. Those made me what to invest in a good camera. I haven’t yet since I have no idea of what the best options are for a reasonable price, but you’ll see in the photos of the couple below that they’ve got the hang of it!! 

In her Snap Chats she always has a great sense of humor, is honest about how she feels about questions that happen over and over again and people using her photos. She is so spontaneous, which is what a lot of bloggers seem to loose once they grow a big audience. 

Emily is also very open about her religion and believes and that is so refreshing for a young person to see. She inspires me every day not to loose my beliefs and trust in my religion. 

Lastly, I only have one word on her relationship with John: #GOALS. I mean… Look at them!! 

I guess I should stop myself here before I write a blog post the size of the Bible on her and look creepy. But seriously, go follow her and you won’t regret it !!! 

Lots of love, Yara ♥

Emily The Sweetest Thing Blog Backroad Photography -257.jpg

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***DISCLAIMER: ALL photos are from Emily Ann Gemma’s Blog! You can find them HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE !!***


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