My Very Simple Everyday Make-Up

Hello lovelies, 

Lately, I have been asked a lot on Instagram how I do my make-up. And that’s funny because I am the laziest person in the morning, so doing my make up certainly comes after sleeping and breakfast and snuggling my puppy and boyfriend… But thank you for the very flattering and encouraging comments on Insta!! However, there are valid reasons of why I’m not too worried about make up as is… 

It is definitely not my forte, I am very much lazy in the morning and would much rather snuggle my dog and my skills definitely have to be perfected. 

However, I did find it flattering that somebody would want to know how I get my everyday look and that’s why I am writing this post. 

So Here Are My Make Up Essentials

  • Lotion with/ without SPF

I do try to always wear a facial lotion that contains SPF and this one from Neutrogena is awesome. It is light-weight, but very moisturizing and I love how dewy and glowy it makes my skin look once I apply it. Sometimes, however, I’m very naughty and do like to use this one from Origins. All of their GinZing line is incredible, but this moisturizer is definitely one of my favourites. It is oil-free but contains panax ginseng and coffee bean and will make your skin look incredible. 

  • Concealer 

One thing that took me a while to realize, is how much of a difference a concealer can make to your look. Even if you’re trying to keep it nice and simple like me, or if you’re trying to do a full face of make up like some artists, one product that won’t be missing is this one. One of my all time favourites is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger, if I’m paler, or Custard, if I’m a bit more tan in the summer season. It really is super creamy and blends out very easily with a Beauty Blender (which is what I use on a daily basis). Another concealer that I really like is this one by L’Oreal Paris. All of  the items in the True Match line are amazing and really affordable. 

  • Bronze

For bronzer I came across two that I now can’t think I can live without. The Nars Blush and Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna, that I even own in the mini size, and Benefit Cosmetics’ Hoola. Both of these are toward mattes and won’t give you much shine, which is what I love. Sometimes all I will wear is mascara and the Hoola bronzer, and it will make my skin look super healthy and defined, but still natural. Definitely two favourites that won’t change anytime soon. 

  • Blush 

For blush I just use the one that comes in my little duo kit from Nars. What I love most about this blush is that it has the slightest shine to it, almost as if you had added a highlighter. It’s a beautiful pink color that gives you cheeks a very naturally healthy look. 

 [P.S.: Yes… this is how much I’ve used these! I’m due for replacements; I know!]

  • (Sometimes) Eyeliner

I truly don’t always put on eyeliner. It actually only rarely happens and I have to have a good reason, like a wedding or a party, to actually take the time to do my eyeliner. But when it does happen, I only use Stila’s Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It lasts all day, doesn’t smudge and is easy to apply even for someone like me who isn’t very good at it. 

  • (Sometimes) Setting powder 

When I do have to make my concealer last me all day, because of an event or dinner, I will sometimes use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. It is the only powder that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing two tons of make up, but keeps everything under my eyes in place ALL DAY LONG. No kidding, your concealer will look amazing even after 8 hours of wear. 

  • Mascara: Better than Sex by Too Faced 

My holy grail, and probably the only thing in this routine I would not be able to live without, is mascara. I love mascara, love how it makes the eyes look bigger and brighter and how much it can put a look together. And there is only ONE mascara that I will never give up on and that is Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. There might be other good ones out there, but I have yet to find a mascara wand that make my eyelashes look so big, dark and voluminous as this one. Plus, it lasts forever and still performs even when you’re scraping what’s left of it. I haven’t tried many more products from Too Faced, but if they’re as good as their mascara, it’s worth investing in! 

  • Lip balm 

Lastly, my second favourite product of all: lip balm. The reason why I’m not a big fan of lipsticks is because they tend to dry out my lips and in this Colorado weather, that means chapped lips in no time. So instead of going for a lipstick, I like to stick with a lip balm like the Burt’s Bees Honey Moisturizing Lip Balm. It doesn’t make your lips shiny, which I love, but it keeps them soft and moist the whole day. It’s such a good product, even my boyfriend uses it !! 

And that is all I use as my everyday make up. Like said, I try to keep it easy, simple and quick in the mornings, so this has been working out for me. I’d love to hear if you guys have any suggestions for products or any questions for me as far as these go. 

Thank you again for hopping by and spending some time with me by reading these blogs. 

Lots of love, Yara


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