March Favoutites

Hi lovelies and happy Wednesday! 

I thought long (obviously since it is mid-April already… hihihi sorry guys!) about writing this post, just because I wasn’t sure I would have enough to write in it or share. But I do love reading and watching other people’s monthly favourites just because a lot of times it gives me ideas or introduces me to knew products that I end up loving. 

So I thought I would share the couple things from lifestyle and beauty to fashion that I have been loving in the past month and hope you guys can find something that will help you or make things easier for you! 

My March Favourites 

L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer 

This concealer is so underrated! I used to only purchase Nars’ Creamy Concealer and don’t get me wrong, that one is still in my top 3 concealers. However, this L’Oreal concealer is less than $10 and lasts ALL DAY. It is light weight, which makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing on your face, but it covers the darkest undereye circles.  

It really is an amazing concealer and I think it’s so affordable for most people who don’t want to spend more than $10 or $20 on a concealer that might only last you two months if you wear it every day. There is not much more that I can say about this product other than that it is incredible and you should all try it out! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo 

If you’ve read my morning routine (link to that post here), then you know I cannot live without this item. I’ve been working out every day of the week this Spring and going to those fun gym classes and I cannot be bothered to wash my hair every day. I know some people will think, say or comment that it’s nasty, but seriously. 

First of all, washing your hair every day is bad as is. I know lots of girls with long hair will totally understand me. Secondly, who has time to wash and moisturize and blow dry their hair every day? Not me… And finally, I have the solution for this problem so why not use it? Batiste has, hands down, the best dry shampoo I have ever tried. I have very oily hair and was never able to go for more than 2 days without looking disgusting. 

This dry shampoo is light but works like a heavy weight fighter. It removes all the oil in your scalp and makes your hair smell so good. I’m seriously obsessed and constantly but new fragrances to try. They have tons. You can get them at Target, Ulta and the Batiste website. 

Pure Protein Whey Powder 

I’ve mentioned this protein powder in My Morning Routine (Again… sorry :S) and as much as I didn’t want to sound repetitive, this one is SO GOOD. Now that I’ve been working out almost every day during the week I do feel like I get tired faster and the best part is that I sleep like a baby. Downside to all of this is the exhaustion when I work out in the morning. 

My boyfriend says you have to “feed your muscles” after you work them and he is right. So this powder does exactly that. 23 Grams of protein in 130 calories, it is gluten free and has no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavours. I get mine at Target and it’s just $20.99! 

It gives you energy to get on with your day, it makes you feel satisfied so I don’t go around munchin on snacks and it helps with muscle-soreness. I take it in the morning, so I love taking this healthy and protein-packed shake (I usually just do a banana, a little bit of honey to sweeten it and some whole or 2% milk). 

Costco Blanket 

This might seem a funny pick, but I’ve been using this blanket NON-Stop since I got it. Especially on those days that are nice and warm but then turn into chilly nights here in Colorado, it has been great to just leave this on the couch where I can reach for it easily. It truly has become one of the best purchases I did in December. Plus, it is pink and white and grey, which I’ve been obsessed with lately. 

I wasn’t able to find a link to it, but if you have a Costco near you, it will be in the blanket section and I believe it was under $20 (Steal!!). P.S.: Shepby seems to like the blanky just as much… She’s on it half of the time when I try to use it, so we have to share. 

New Candles 

I love candles. I love how they make the house smell, I love the ambiance they give and I love how cozy and lovely it makes rooms feel. One of the most important aspects for me that show a candle is good is when it not only looks good, but smells amazing. 

For the longest time, I used to only buy Bath and Body Works candles because when you lit them, they actually made the whole room, even a large living space, smell incredible. Plus, all the fragrances they have are exceptional. But last week I was walking around Downtown Golden, which is one of my favourite towns in Colorado, and I found this little shop hidden between the bigger entrances. As soon as I walked in, I knew I wouldn’t leave that place empty-handed. It’s called XXX and they hand-make all of their candles. 

What’s so different about these is that they are all natural and contain soy wax and natural oils which we all know smell SOOOOO good. The owner, who makes them right there in her shop also makes them with aspen leafs and other branches, which you can see through the fire as soon as you light the candles. My favourite part is that they’re made so that the candle burns vertically. So once you’ve burnt the center, you can use a tea candle to continue to use the amazing exterior. I love supporting local businesses and after finding this place, I know I’ll be back for more candles as soon as these are done. 

Blister Cushions


I’m a flats kind of girl and I love wearing them every day during the spring and summer. Whether it’s flats or short heels for work and going out, it seems that I tend to get blisters so easily. As much as regular plasters are the first thing I see people suggesting or using, there is only one thing that I will trust my feet with: Advanced Healing Blister Cushions from Band Aids

Band Aids is obviously leader in it’s category since lots of people even call plaster “bandaids,” however, they seriously out-did themselves with these ones. They are super snug on the back of your feet, don’t slide to the side or up/down and help heal any previous blisters you have. It’s a must-have in all of my purses (I keep one or two in a small pouch that I just carry in whatever purse I’m using at the moment) and when I’m about to run out, I always go and buy another pack. 

If you get blisters easily like me, this is going to help you out so much. I even cut them small and use them around my toes or on the side of my feet if I get any there. 

Tobi White Cardigan

Where I live, in Colorado, Spring has not really arrived yet. Some days are really really warm and then all of a sudden, the temperature drops in the afternoon and you’re freezing your pretty little bum off. Since moving here from Barcelona, I have learned to always have a warm jacket in my car and keep a cardigan around the house. 

This one from Tobi is my absolute favourite. It’s in my favourite color at the moment, white and cream, it’s snuggly and super cozy. Plus, it was less than $20 dollars (heart-eyed emoji). If you tend to get cold all the time like me, this is going to be your best purchase for the transition from Winter to Spring/ Summer. 

It also looks great if you wear a cute pair of jeans and a simple tank top or over a cute dress if you’re not sure what the temperature is going to be like. The sleeves are wide, which I think looks so fitting on any person and I just roll them up so they’re out of the way while I do things around the house. 

“Follow Your Dreams” Notebook 

Who doesn’t like to take notes anymore? I feel like it has come back to not rely so much on our technology and write lists and notes to keep up with our lives and to-does. I sure looooooove writing everything down. I make lists for the grocery store, at work for my tasks, at home for cleaning to-does and even for activities with my puppy and boyfriend. 

Everything is written down and saved somewhere, believe me. I even like to put the dates and locations of printed pictures I have around the house and in my albums. I just love being able to look back and remember what I was doing. Plus, I have the memory of a fly, so writing things down is a must if I need to remember to do it. 

In order to accomplish that, I have a best friend: my notebooks. I normally get all of my notebooks at Target (including the one in my picture). However, I wasn’t able to find it on the Target website, but did find the style on the Eccolo’s Website here. These notebooks/ journals are incredible because they have loads of pages and very wide lines on those to scribble all your ideas and lists on. I’m also fairly certain that it was less than $20. Hopefully I can get an Erin Condren Life Planner soon, it’s my dream planner. But it’s always good to keep notebooks around the house in case you need them. 

Coconut Oil

This is another item which has become really popular in the last year and I always found it funny because I’ve seen my mother use it since I was a little girl. It’s just SO USEFUL for SO MANY things. My mom is brazilian and used to use coconut oil for cooking and to moisturize. It is economical (more than expensive lotions or other oils) and makes everything smell so much better (like light coconut). 

I couldn’t be more obsessed with it as well. I bought one tub for the kitchen, which we use to cook some of our food, then we have one in the bathroom which I (yes… my boyfriend thinks he is too cool for coconut lotion) use to moisturize my body after I shower. I prefer to do it at night, just because it is pretty sticky and won’t let your pants go on too easily hahahah 

And that is it for today’s blog. I hope these items are helpful to you guys. I know they’re nothing new but I at least love to sometimes be reminded of different ways to use products or options (hacks or dupes) to high end products that look or are just as good! 

If you guys have any questions or comments, leave them down below! 

Lots of love, Yara


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