Moving Series: Planning Early for Our Move! 


Hello beauties! 

This post might start off a little weird or confusing. Yes, we’re moving. No, not anytime soon. 

We’re actually planning on moving this time, Spring, of next year. Both my boyfriend, Zach, and I have always known that Colorado was a “one-stop-shop” for both of us. A place to spend some time, but not to settle. We both love the beach and warm weather, so Florida seemed like the perfect place to move to and settle down in. 

I have only visited Orlando and Miami but Zach has lived on the Gulf coast of Florida for three years and we both agreed that it would be a much better place both for our minds and other things like work and raising a family. It’s just way too cold in Colorado during the autumn, winter and even spring (it snowed this past Friday night through Saturday night non-stop…)! I also grew up in Barcelona, where the beach and sea food and warm summer days are something I’ve missed for a very long time since I moved to Denver for university. 

Now that I’ve graduated and Zach is about to as well, we thought we would start planning early and make sure everything is set for when we decide to move. And in the midst of thinking about what we need now and what we’ll need coming next Spring, I thought it would be nice to include you all in this planning phase and everything that needs to happen before you can move from the center of America to the southmost end. 

Here are a couple things that we’ve already put on our list: 

  • Shipping/ driving our cars

Both Zach and I have cars and what we were thinking of doing it shipping one of the cars (most likely mine because it’s smaller and wouldn’t fit much stuff anyways) and then hook the other car to our moving truck. We don’t have a lot of things, so a small U-Haul should suffice for both our things. Everything else should fit in the car we’d be hauling. 

  • How we’ll transport our pets

This might seem silly, but we own a dog (Shelby), a parakeet (Pearl, but I call her Perlita) and our Beta fish Hank. Shelby should do just fine with us on the passenger seat, but trying to keep Perlita calm in a car is going to be challenging, as well as making sure that Hank doesn’t end up without any water from the car movements. 

  • Finding and renting a place

Once we move we won’t have jobs, which is crucial to sign a lease and secure a place. So what we’ll do is save for six months worth of rent and just stay somewhere cheap until we have a steady income and can upgrade to a more comfortable and bigger place. 

  • Finding jobs / quick work we can do

Since we are moving from so far, it’s going to be challenging to find and interview for jobs while we’re in Denver. So we’re thinking about starting our search when it’s about December and being ready for interviews when we’re there at the beginning of spring. We’re thinking that any type of work, an entry level administrative assistant or clerical job, should keep us going until we are settled and we can apply for jobs in our fields. 

  • How we’ll get there 

As mentioned in the beginning, we’ll have to rent a moving truck to get our things there. But just so we can be a bit more comfortable, we think that I’ll probably fly down first, find us and rent a place. The reason why we’re thinking about doing this is because it will be much easier and cheaper to do this than if we both go together and have to spend money in hotels while we’re looking and visiting places. Plus, it will be much easier if we have a place by the time the pets come down. The trip is stressful enough for them and this way they can arrive straight to their new home. 

So those are my biggest priorities and planning to-does for now. I have to admit, Pinterest have been my BEST FRIEND in this. They have the simplest, most helpful boards and pins about moving and lists, but especially how to make it easy and as painless as possible. Here is my current favourite board: 

Follow my pinterest for more ideas and tips on how to move, as well as my fashion inspiration, pet DIYs and more (yaraws) ! I’ve included a couple screenshots down below of my favourite boards or pins from my Pinterest that you can find here, here, here, here and here

Comment below if you have moved across the country before; what was your experience? What are tips you suggest to make it as smooth as possible? Any tips for planning this far out? 

Lots of love, Yara 


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