Welcome to Our Little Zoo

Hello beauties and happy Wednesday!  

If you know anything about me, this won’t come as a surprise: 

I love animals !! Love love love them!! 

And since I have been in the US, living by myself and trying to get the hang of being and adult and being responsible for myself and such, I have had the chance and luck to own animals. I seriously love everything about it. 

First up is our baby girl Shelby. She is a 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier. And to be completely honest, she is the last dog breed I ever thought I would own. I’m a big dog lover. My dream dog (still..) is a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd. I like big, protective dogs. But I’m not going to lie, that owning Shelby has given me a whole new prospective on this small dog breed and it’s capabilities. She is WICKED smart. And I mean insanely smart… 

We do not keep her on a leash when we walk and she will just run a meter or two in front of us and the immediately run back to us. She waits at all crossings for us to let her go and will even come and sit by our feet when we see another dog and call her to come wait and see if she’s allowed to say hi to them. I really could just blabber on and on about her. I’m extremely impressed by how quickly she learns to listen to commands and even fetch the ball (we didn’t have to teach her, she simply started bringing the ball back for us to throw it for her…). 

Plus, she has the cutest puppy face and has everyone wrapped around her finger. Since she is a female Jack Russell, she is toward the smaller size and currently weighs 9 pounds. Zach wants her to grow more, but I think she’s the perfect size: manageable but not tiny. 

This is Perlita, our parakeet baby girl. The reason why we got her a couple weeks ago is because I grew up with parakeets when I was younger (Zach too). I just love their company and how much fun and sweet they can be once they get used to you and being out of their enclosure. 

I also love it when they sing and talk. I have been reading tons of blogs and online magazines about how to keep them busy when they’re alone and how to keep their minds entertained and young. Birds are great companions and really easy to take care of. I usually change her water every single day and refill her food every other day (she is a slow and messy eater). As far as cleaning her bird cage, it just has a small tray that pops out at the bottom and you can just remove that and throw the paper or newspaper out and put a new one in. Easy and quick! 

Last but not least, Mr. Hank. Hank is a Rose Petal Beta Fish and our last addition. His story is quite funny…: 

Zach is obsessed with fish. Fishing, fish and fish tanks. He loves them and would love to have a huge salt water fish tank. But if you read my last blog post we are planning on moving to Florida in a year and it wouldn’t be smart to invest our money and time into a big fish tank that would be very hard to transport down to the other end of the country in a U-Haul. So instead, we decided to get Hank (on a trip to just “look” around the pet store). Beta fish are resilient and easy pets, if you’re wanting to start yourself. They can live mostly anywhere (fish bowls, small tanks like ours or anything bigger/ better) and don’t need much. 

Obviously you cannot interact as much with a fish as you can with a parakeet or dog, but they’re still fun to watch and own. They are definitely the best pet to start with, since dogs to take lots of time and commitment (with walks and training etc.) just like parakeets, if you want them to be friendly and used to be around people. 

Let me know and comment below if you have any questions about any of them or would like to know some more in depth information on them. I’d love to start writing more about them. 

Lots of love, Yara 


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