Moving Series: Where to move to?

Happy Monday! 

If you’ve read my Step 1 in our moving series you’ll know that we’re planning on a quite big and far move to the most southern tip of the United States. As much as we’re incredibly excited and cannot wait for this year to go by so we can enjoy the warm southern weather, there is also a lot of planning and saving that needs to happen in this time. 

There are also so many questions and boxes that need to be checked off before anything can happen. And I guess that asking the right questions and having answers for those is as far as we’ve gotten in this planning process. 

Now, moving is not just about packing and picking up to leave, but having a destination to arrive to. And that we have not decided on yet. We know that Florida is where we want to move to, but we have no idea about what city. As mentioned in Step 1, Zach has lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida before. But he doesn’t want to move to the same city. There are a couple of things we are keeping in mind when thinking about the perfect city: 

  • Are there jobs? 

Of course this is one of our main concerns, because we don’t want to move somewhere that has limited job possibilities or depends on one industry only (like tourism or another). We both want to make sure we have a chance to excel in our careers. 

And of course looking and finding jobs is going to be a whole other topic we will have to work on once we’re closer to the move. Neither of us is moving with a job there, so we will have to start small and then grow as we go.

  • Is it relatively affordable? 

Since we are moving from Colorado, this is one question we have already checked off. Florida is so much more affordable then we’re we currently are. And that’s one of the main reasons we’re moving in the first place. Living in Florida will allow us to live comfortably while starting our careers.

  • Is it popular or crowded? 

As much as we’d love to live in Miami or another bigger, more popular city, those factors are always correlated to them being pricier and more crowded. And as much as both Zach and I are very sociable people, we don’t mind a less crowded place at all. Plus, we’d like to eventually buy a house and grow our family. And we’d rather do it in a calmer city.

  • Is it safe? 

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. The more popular and crowded a city is, there more chances are that it’s safety is reduced. I grew up outside of a really big city, but I can clearly remember the difference in my parents behavior when we were home than when we were in the city. 

There are just so many more dangers that come with lots of people and cars… So we know that we want it to be a calmer, more family friendly area. 

We do have a couple of cities that are high contestants for our choice, amongst which are Jacksonville, Clearwater, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. 

But there is no set decision yet. We have just been researching a bunch of cities and looking at which one fits our criteria the most. Hopefully we can decide on one in the next few weeks so that we can start putting more effort on finding a temporary place and start looking for potential jobs we can apply to. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made a move like that before. How did your planning go? 

Lots of love, Yara 


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