Graduation Gift Ideas

Happy Friday! 

Gifting is one of my favourite things to do. I love making my gifts personal, and special, while trying not to break the bank (if you know what I mean). But I do try to put as much effort into it as I can. Because growing up, I was lucky enough to have parents and friends who showed me how special it was to get a gift that wasn’t the norm or on every other shelf in town. 

Once I moved to the US I discovered Etsy, and fell in love. For those of you who don’t know what Etsy is

“Etsy is a global creative commerce platform. We build markets, services and economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.” It’s a website/store where creators, artist and anybody who has a product that is different, any entrepreneur, can go and sell their items, and people like me who love unique and handmade things can go and shop like crazy. 

Since graduation is around the corner (literally!) whether you, a family member or a friend is graduating, there is always the questions of what to gift. There is so much out there and honestly, this is probably one of the “easiest” celebrations to get gift for. I thought I would put together a couple of options from Etsy to give you ideas and inspiration for your own gift. 


“The Tassel was worth the Hassle” Glass I’m Spanish and extremely lucky that my friends here are either Spaniards or wine lovers too. So this gift just seemed more than appropriate. If you know your guest of honor enjoys a glass from time to time, this will be a fun and useful little gift. 


Personalized Candle This one is my personal favourite. It’s the cutest little detail to gift someone. They offer many scents, you can include the name and even a quote for the person. The best thing is that once they’re done burning it, they can clean it out and continue to use the glass it comes in. Here is another option that is also very cute. 

il_570xN.1192700758_ha4w.jpg Personalized make up pouch This pouch doesn’t have to be for make up. I have a similar one where I just put everything that has to be in my purse at all times and it is so convenient and cute to have this little pouch. It can also be used as a clutch to go out and is a very sweet reminder of their accomplishments. 

Personalized passport holder This gift is great for a man or woman because who doesn’t love a simple passport holder where they can store all the important documents they need? It’s sleek, holds a passport, cards and your boarding pass, and comes in four different colors. Plus, you can add the initials of the person in the back and have a special quote on the front. 


Year Planner Just like all the items on my list, this planner can be personalized with a name or date. What I love about these is how useful and necessary they are, especially for somebody who is graduating and starting a new job or job search. They keep you organized and on track of everything. Plus, this again is uni-sex and can be for a man or woman. 


And last but not least, a graduation card! These are, out of all the gift options, my very favourite. And that’s because you can really personal and write that person straight from your heart. What’s best about these is that they are small and can be kept in a small box or on the wall or fridge forever. I keep every single one of the cards that my friends and family have written to me, because the thought, effort and time to do it means the world to me. Hallmark has also tons of options, but if you want it to be unique, check Etsy

What types of gift do you guys like to receive? Is anybody else obsessed with personalizing as I am? Let me know in the comments below! 

Lots of love, Yara


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