Our Travel Wishlist

Hello loves and happy Monday, 

Last week was pure madness at my work and in life, so I apologize for not posting anything. But now that i was typing away this next post, I came across another issue. 

I was thinking for a while what topics I could talk about. When skimming the internet, you see so many fashion and style blogs that I thought I should jump on that wagon and start doing more blogs on that. But I’m going to be very honest: 

I don’t have that great of style; I don’t shop enough to write weekly posts about fashion; and I don’t take professional-quality type photos that it would even look good in this blog. So I’ve decided to stay away form that for now. 

On another note, I did start to get that travel-excitement when the summer gets closer and thought, what better way to supplement that than looking at what places were on Zach’s and my wish-list. Despite the fact that we won’t be doing any traveling this summer, I thought it would be great to have a list of places on my blog that I could eventually revisit when we were ready to travel together. 

So with no further ado, here are our top 5 places to visit. 

1. Fiji 

Both these pictures are from the travel Fiji website http://www.fiji.travel/
Dreamy vacation homes

You will quickly figure out that both Zach and I are beach people, because this list is basically composed of dreamy beach destinations. Despite it being quite far from us, these combination of islands are on the top of our list to visit. There is just a different, special, air to Fiji and we’d love to be able to take a couple days to relax by the clear blue waters. 

2. Japan 

Photo from http://en.toureast.com/destinations/asia/japan
Traditional tea ceremony

Again, for this country I’m more than lucky and blessed that Zach is as much of a Japan (as a country) and tea aficionado as I am. We are both very fascinated with the cultural mixes of past and present, modernism and traditions. Zach has been there before, but we’d like to go together and discover some of the more traditional cities together one day. My mum has also invited herself to this trip so it would be fun to all go together. 

3. Martinique 

Photo credit: http://us.martinique.org/

Martinique’s unique coast lines via goo.gl/bDS7Vo 

The island that is probably closest to us, Martinique is a place that is hard to believe exists. Crystal clear waters, the French influence and flair, it’s where European and West Indian mix. Not many people know that this is the native country of Joséphine de Beauharnais,  Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife.  

4. Cyprus 

photo credit: goo.gl/pLE8bg
photo credit: goo.gl/vBTZ09

Sharing an island with it’s neighbor Turkey, Cyprus is one of the most fascinating European countries in our opinion. In Cyprus, people speak Greek. Yet it is literally next to Turkish speaking people. The island is 9,251 km2 long (about 3,572 sq mi) and it incredible how two different people share that space. Aside the cultural aspect, Cyprus truly is a little piece of paradise in our very own Mediterranean which I find spectacular. 

5. Bali 

Wonderful Indonesia via goo.gl/Pe5E7r
photo credit via goo.gl/PHVZR0

Bali, a yogi’s paradise. And despite neither Zach or I being into yoga, I wouldn’t mind starting to practice at a place like this. The peacefulness of the architecture and relaxing sounds of the ocean make me want to jump on the plane right now and spend some days over there (instead of being at work in the city heheheh). 

And that’s it for today’s blog post. What places have you visited or which ones are on your bucket list that I didn’t mention? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of love, Yara 


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