Our Travel Wishlist

Hello loves and happy Monday, 

Last week was pure madness at my work and in life, so I apologize for not posting anything. But now that i was typing away this next post, I came across another issue. 

I was thinking for a while what topics I could talk about. When skimming the internet, you see so many fashion and style blogs that I thought I should jump on that wagon and start doing more blogs on that. But I’m going to be very honest: 

I don’t have that great of style; I don’t shop enough to write weekly posts about fashion; and I don’t take professional-quality type photos that it would even look good in this blog. So I’ve decided to stay away form that for now. 

On another note, I did start to get that travel-excitement when the summer gets closer and thought, what better way to supplement that than looking at what places were on Zach’s and my wish-list. Despite the fact that we won’t be doing any traveling this summer, I thought it would be great to have a list of places on my blog that I could eventually revisit when we were ready to travel together. 

So with no further ado, here are our top 5 places to visit. 

1. Fiji 

Both these pictures are from the travel Fiji website http://www.fiji.travel/
Dreamy vacation homes

You will quickly figure out that both Zach and I are beach people, because this list is basically composed of dreamy beach destinations. Despite it being quite far from us, these combination of islands are on the top of our list to visit. There is just a different, special, air to Fiji and we’d love to be able to take a couple days to relax by the clear blue waters. 

2. Japan 

Photo from http://en.toureast.com/destinations/asia/japan
Traditional tea ceremony

Again, for this country I’m more than lucky and blessed that Zach is as much of a Japan (as a country) and tea aficionado as I am. We are both very fascinated with the cultural mixes of past and present, modernism and traditions. Zach has been there before, but we’d like to go together and discover some of the more traditional cities together one day. My mum has also invited herself to this trip so it would be fun to all go together. 

3. Martinique 

Photo credit: http://us.martinique.org/

Martinique’s unique coast lines via goo.gl/bDS7Vo 

The island that is probably closest to us, Martinique is a place that is hard to believe exists. Crystal clear waters, the French influence and flair, it’s where European and West Indian mix. Not many people know that this is the native country of Joséphine de Beauharnais,  Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife.  

4. Cyprus 

photo credit: goo.gl/pLE8bg
photo credit: goo.gl/vBTZ09

Sharing an island with it’s neighbor Turkey, Cyprus is one of the most fascinating European countries in our opinion. In Cyprus, people speak Greek. Yet it is literally next to Turkish speaking people. The island is 9,251 km2 long (about 3,572 sq mi) and it incredible how two different people share that space. Aside the cultural aspect, Cyprus truly is a little piece of paradise in our very own Mediterranean which I find spectacular. 

5. Bali 

Wonderful Indonesia via goo.gl/Pe5E7r
photo credit via goo.gl/PHVZR0

Bali, a yogi’s paradise. And despite neither Zach or I being into yoga, I wouldn’t mind starting to practice at a place like this. The peacefulness of the architecture and relaxing sounds of the ocean make me want to jump on the plane right now and spend some days over there (instead of being at work in the city heheheh). 

And that’s it for today’s blog post. What places have you visited or which ones are on your bucket list that I didn’t mention? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of love, Yara 


Moving Series: Where to move to?

Happy Monday! 

If you’ve read my Step 1 in our moving series you’ll know that we’re planning on a quite big and far move to the most southern tip of the United States. As much as we’re incredibly excited and cannot wait for this year to go by so we can enjoy the warm southern weather, there is also a lot of planning and saving that needs to happen in this time. 

There are also so many questions and boxes that need to be checked off before anything can happen. And I guess that asking the right questions and having answers for those is as far as we’ve gotten in this planning process. 

Now, moving is not just about packing and picking up to leave, but having a destination to arrive to. And that we have not decided on yet. We know that Florida is where we want to move to, but we have no idea about what city. As mentioned in Step 1, Zach has lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida before. But he doesn’t want to move to the same city. There are a couple of things we are keeping in mind when thinking about the perfect city: 

  • Are there jobs? 

Of course this is one of our main concerns, because we don’t want to move somewhere that has limited job possibilities or depends on one industry only (like tourism or another). We both want to make sure we have a chance to excel in our careers. 

And of course looking and finding jobs is going to be a whole other topic we will have to work on once we’re closer to the move. Neither of us is moving with a job there, so we will have to start small and then grow as we go.

  • Is it relatively affordable? 

Since we are moving from Colorado, this is one question we have already checked off. Florida is so much more affordable then we’re we currently are. And that’s one of the main reasons we’re moving in the first place. Living in Florida will allow us to live comfortably while starting our careers.

  • Is it popular or crowded? 

As much as we’d love to live in Miami or another bigger, more popular city, those factors are always correlated to them being pricier and more crowded. And as much as both Zach and I are very sociable people, we don’t mind a less crowded place at all. Plus, we’d like to eventually buy a house and grow our family. And we’d rather do it in a calmer city.

  • Is it safe? 

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. The more popular and crowded a city is, there more chances are that it’s safety is reduced. I grew up outside of a really big city, but I can clearly remember the difference in my parents behavior when we were home than when we were in the city. 

There are just so many more dangers that come with lots of people and cars… So we know that we want it to be a calmer, more family friendly area. 

We do have a couple of cities that are high contestants for our choice, amongst which are Jacksonville, Clearwater, Fort Myers and Cape Coral. 

But there is no set decision yet. We have just been researching a bunch of cities and looking at which one fits our criteria the most. Hopefully we can decide on one in the next few weeks so that we can start putting more effort on finding a temporary place and start looking for potential jobs we can apply to. 

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made a move like that before. How did your planning go? 

Lots of love, Yara 

March Favoutites

Hi lovelies and happy Wednesday! 

I thought long (obviously since it is mid-April already… hihihi sorry guys!) about writing this post, just because I wasn’t sure I would have enough to write in it or share. But I do love reading and watching other people’s monthly favourites just because a lot of times it gives me ideas or introduces me to knew products that I end up loving. 

So I thought I would share the couple things from lifestyle and beauty to fashion that I have been loving in the past month and hope you guys can find something that will help you or make things easier for you! 

My March Favourites 

L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer 

This concealer is so underrated! I used to only purchase Nars’ Creamy Concealer and don’t get me wrong, that one is still in my top 3 concealers. However, this L’Oreal concealer is less than $10 and lasts ALL DAY. It is light weight, which makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing on your face, but it covers the darkest undereye circles.  

It really is an amazing concealer and I think it’s so affordable for most people who don’t want to spend more than $10 or $20 on a concealer that might only last you two months if you wear it every day. There is not much more that I can say about this product other than that it is incredible and you should all try it out! 

Batiste Dry Shampoo 

If you’ve read my morning routine (link to that post here), then you know I cannot live without this item. I’ve been working out every day of the week this Spring and going to those fun gym classes and I cannot be bothered to wash my hair every day. I know some people will think, say or comment that it’s nasty, but seriously. 

First of all, washing your hair every day is bad as is. I know lots of girls with long hair will totally understand me. Secondly, who has time to wash and moisturize and blow dry their hair every day? Not me… And finally, I have the solution for this problem so why not use it? Batiste has, hands down, the best dry shampoo I have ever tried. I have very oily hair and was never able to go for more than 2 days without looking disgusting. 

This dry shampoo is light but works like a heavy weight fighter. It removes all the oil in your scalp and makes your hair smell so good. I’m seriously obsessed and constantly but new fragrances to try. They have tons. You can get them at Target, Ulta and the Batiste website. 

Pure Protein Whey Powder 

I’ve mentioned this protein powder in My Morning Routine (Again… sorry :S) and as much as I didn’t want to sound repetitive, this one is SO GOOD. Now that I’ve been working out almost every day during the week I do feel like I get tired faster and the best part is that I sleep like a baby. Downside to all of this is the exhaustion when I work out in the morning. 

My boyfriend says you have to “feed your muscles” after you work them and he is right. So this powder does exactly that. 23 Grams of protein in 130 calories, it is gluten free and has no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavours. I get mine at Target and it’s just $20.99! 

It gives you energy to get on with your day, it makes you feel satisfied so I don’t go around munchin on snacks and it helps with muscle-soreness. I take it in the morning, so I love taking this healthy and protein-packed shake (I usually just do a banana, a little bit of honey to sweeten it and some whole or 2% milk). 

Costco Blanket 

This might seem a funny pick, but I’ve been using this blanket NON-Stop since I got it. Especially on those days that are nice and warm but then turn into chilly nights here in Colorado, it has been great to just leave this on the couch where I can reach for it easily. It truly has become one of the best purchases I did in December. Plus, it is pink and white and grey, which I’ve been obsessed with lately. 

I wasn’t able to find a link to it, but if you have a Costco near you, it will be in the blanket section and I believe it was under $20 (Steal!!). P.S.: Shepby seems to like the blanky just as much… She’s on it half of the time when I try to use it, so we have to share. 

New Candles 

I love candles. I love how they make the house smell, I love the ambiance they give and I love how cozy and lovely it makes rooms feel. One of the most important aspects for me that show a candle is good is when it not only looks good, but smells amazing. 

For the longest time, I used to only buy Bath and Body Works candles because when you lit them, they actually made the whole room, even a large living space, smell incredible. Plus, all the fragrances they have are exceptional. But last week I was walking around Downtown Golden, which is one of my favourite towns in Colorado, and I found this little shop hidden between the bigger entrances. As soon as I walked in, I knew I wouldn’t leave that place empty-handed. It’s called XXX and they hand-make all of their candles. 

What’s so different about these is that they are all natural and contain soy wax and natural oils which we all know smell SOOOOO good. The owner, who makes them right there in her shop also makes them with aspen leafs and other branches, which you can see through the fire as soon as you light the candles. My favourite part is that they’re made so that the candle burns vertically. So once you’ve burnt the center, you can use a tea candle to continue to use the amazing exterior. I love supporting local businesses and after finding this place, I know I’ll be back for more candles as soon as these are done. 

Blister Cushions


I’m a flats kind of girl and I love wearing them every day during the spring and summer. Whether it’s flats or short heels for work and going out, it seems that I tend to get blisters so easily. As much as regular plasters are the first thing I see people suggesting or using, there is only one thing that I will trust my feet with: Advanced Healing Blister Cushions from Band Aids

Band Aids is obviously leader in it’s category since lots of people even call plaster “bandaids,” however, they seriously out-did themselves with these ones. They are super snug on the back of your feet, don’t slide to the side or up/down and help heal any previous blisters you have. It’s a must-have in all of my purses (I keep one or two in a small pouch that I just carry in whatever purse I’m using at the moment) and when I’m about to run out, I always go and buy another pack. 

If you get blisters easily like me, this is going to help you out so much. I even cut them small and use them around my toes or on the side of my feet if I get any there. 

Tobi White Cardigan

Where I live, in Colorado, Spring has not really arrived yet. Some days are really really warm and then all of a sudden, the temperature drops in the afternoon and you’re freezing your pretty little bum off. Since moving here from Barcelona, I have learned to always have a warm jacket in my car and keep a cardigan around the house. 

This one from Tobi is my absolute favourite. It’s in my favourite color at the moment, white and cream, it’s snuggly and super cozy. Plus, it was less than $20 dollars (heart-eyed emoji). If you tend to get cold all the time like me, this is going to be your best purchase for the transition from Winter to Spring/ Summer. 

It also looks great if you wear a cute pair of jeans and a simple tank top or over a cute dress if you’re not sure what the temperature is going to be like. The sleeves are wide, which I think looks so fitting on any person and I just roll them up so they’re out of the way while I do things around the house. 

“Follow Your Dreams” Notebook 

Who doesn’t like to take notes anymore? I feel like it has come back to not rely so much on our technology and write lists and notes to keep up with our lives and to-does. I sure looooooove writing everything down. I make lists for the grocery store, at work for my tasks, at home for cleaning to-does and even for activities with my puppy and boyfriend. 

Everything is written down and saved somewhere, believe me. I even like to put the dates and locations of printed pictures I have around the house and in my albums. I just love being able to look back and remember what I was doing. Plus, I have the memory of a fly, so writing things down is a must if I need to remember to do it. 

In order to accomplish that, I have a best friend: my notebooks. I normally get all of my notebooks at Target (including the one in my picture). However, I wasn’t able to find it on the Target website, but did find the style on the Eccolo’s Website here. These notebooks/ journals are incredible because they have loads of pages and very wide lines on those to scribble all your ideas and lists on. I’m also fairly certain that it was less than $20. Hopefully I can get an Erin Condren Life Planner soon, it’s my dream planner. But it’s always good to keep notebooks around the house in case you need them. 

Coconut Oil

This is another item which has become really popular in the last year and I always found it funny because I’ve seen my mother use it since I was a little girl. It’s just SO USEFUL for SO MANY things. My mom is brazilian and used to use coconut oil for cooking and to moisturize. It is economical (more than expensive lotions or other oils) and makes everything smell so much better (like light coconut). 

I couldn’t be more obsessed with it as well. I bought one tub for the kitchen, which we use to cook some of our food, then we have one in the bathroom which I (yes… my boyfriend thinks he is too cool for coconut lotion) use to moisturize my body after I shower. I prefer to do it at night, just because it is pretty sticky and won’t let your pants go on too easily hahahah 

And that is it for today’s blog. I hope these items are helpful to you guys. I know they’re nothing new but I at least love to sometimes be reminded of different ways to use products or options (hacks or dupes) to high end products that look or are just as good! 

If you guys have any questions or comments, leave them down below! 

Lots of love, Yara

My Very Simple Everyday Make-Up

Hello lovelies, 

Lately, I have been asked a lot on Instagram how I do my make-up. And that’s funny because I am the laziest person in the morning, so doing my make up certainly comes after sleeping and breakfast and snuggling my puppy and boyfriend… But thank you for the very flattering and encouraging comments on Insta!! However, there are valid reasons of why I’m not too worried about make up as is… 

It is definitely not my forte, I am very much lazy in the morning and would much rather snuggle my dog and my skills definitely have to be perfected. 

However, I did find it flattering that somebody would want to know how I get my everyday look and that’s why I am writing this post. 

So Here Are My Make Up Essentials

  • Lotion with/ without SPF

I do try to always wear a facial lotion that contains SPF and this one from Neutrogena is awesome. It is light-weight, but very moisturizing and I love how dewy and glowy it makes my skin look once I apply it. Sometimes, however, I’m very naughty and do like to use this one from Origins. All of their GinZing line is incredible, but this moisturizer is definitely one of my favourites. It is oil-free but contains panax ginseng and coffee bean and will make your skin look incredible. 

  • Concealer 

One thing that took me a while to realize, is how much of a difference a concealer can make to your look. Even if you’re trying to keep it nice and simple like me, or if you’re trying to do a full face of make up like some artists, one product that won’t be missing is this one. One of my all time favourites is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger, if I’m paler, or Custard, if I’m a bit more tan in the summer season. It really is super creamy and blends out very easily with a Beauty Blender (which is what I use on a daily basis). Another concealer that I really like is this one by L’Oreal Paris. All of  the items in the True Match line are amazing and really affordable. 

  • Bronze

For bronzer I came across two that I now can’t think I can live without. The Nars Blush and Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna, that I even own in the mini size, and Benefit Cosmetics’ Hoola. Both of these are toward mattes and won’t give you much shine, which is what I love. Sometimes all I will wear is mascara and the Hoola bronzer, and it will make my skin look super healthy and defined, but still natural. Definitely two favourites that won’t change anytime soon. 

  • Blush 

For blush I just use the one that comes in my little duo kit from Nars. What I love most about this blush is that it has the slightest shine to it, almost as if you had added a highlighter. It’s a beautiful pink color that gives you cheeks a very naturally healthy look. 

 [P.S.: Yes… this is how much I’ve used these! I’m due for replacements; I know!]

  • (Sometimes) Eyeliner

I truly don’t always put on eyeliner. It actually only rarely happens and I have to have a good reason, like a wedding or a party, to actually take the time to do my eyeliner. But when it does happen, I only use Stila’s Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It lasts all day, doesn’t smudge and is easy to apply even for someone like me who isn’t very good at it. 

  • (Sometimes) Setting powder 

When I do have to make my concealer last me all day, because of an event or dinner, I will sometimes use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. It is the only powder that doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing two tons of make up, but keeps everything under my eyes in place ALL DAY LONG. No kidding, your concealer will look amazing even after 8 hours of wear. 

  • Mascara: Better than Sex by Too Faced 

My holy grail, and probably the only thing in this routine I would not be able to live without, is mascara. I love mascara, love how it makes the eyes look bigger and brighter and how much it can put a look together. And there is only ONE mascara that I will never give up on and that is Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. There might be other good ones out there, but I have yet to find a mascara wand that make my eyelashes look so big, dark and voluminous as this one. Plus, it lasts forever and still performs even when you’re scraping what’s left of it. I haven’t tried many more products from Too Faced, but if they’re as good as their mascara, it’s worth investing in! 

  • Lip balm 

Lastly, my second favourite product of all: lip balm. The reason why I’m not a big fan of lipsticks is because they tend to dry out my lips and in this Colorado weather, that means chapped lips in no time. So instead of going for a lipstick, I like to stick with a lip balm like the Burt’s Bees Honey Moisturizing Lip Balm. It doesn’t make your lips shiny, which I love, but it keeps them soft and moist the whole day. It’s such a good product, even my boyfriend uses it !! 

And that is all I use as my everyday make up. Like said, I try to keep it easy, simple and quick in the mornings, so this has been working out for me. I’d love to hear if you guys have any suggestions for products or any questions for me as far as these go. 

Thank you again for hopping by and spending some time with me by reading these blogs. 

Lots of love, Yara

Inspiration of the Week: Emily Ann Gemma


Hi Loves!! 

I am back with this weeks inspiration and let me tell you that it was hard. There have been so many bloggers, vlogers and fashionistas I have been following lately, especially with this years New York Fashion Week, that I had a hard time choosing but one person to write about. 

After making a list of top five and looking what I liked the most about them, I realized that I always went back to this one lovely lady to check out what she was wearing, which shows she was attending and of course what her lovely puppy was doing. 

So here goes my #InspirationoftheWeek! 

Emily Ann Gemma 


I mean… Do I have to say much? If you follow Emily on Snap Chat, Instagram or her YouTube channel, I’m sure you know what I am talking about. 

My list of things I love about her and that inspire me were so long, that I had to (sadly) try to cut it short. She is, hands down, one of my FAVOURITE bloggers out there. 

Almost as crazy a dog-lover as I am, her sweet posts and pictures with Fitz is the cutest Golden-Doodle ever. Always having fun and taking him places with them. Just adorable! 

Emily’s fashion style is classy, modern and always appropriate. When I am looking for an outfit for my day, I always find myself going through her blog to find inspiration and ideas. It seems like she is always dressed appropriately, even if it is to just walk Fitz or go to the mall. 

She has done a blog post about her photography (or John’s hahahahha) before, but as much as they made it seem so simple, I do seeing the beautiful quality and angles of their photos. Those made me what to invest in a good camera. I haven’t yet since I have no idea of what the best options are for a reasonable price, but you’ll see in the photos of the couple below that they’ve got the hang of it!! 

In her Snap Chats she always has a great sense of humor, is honest about how she feels about questions that happen over and over again and people using her photos. She is so spontaneous, which is what a lot of bloggers seem to loose once they grow a big audience. 

Emily is also very open about her religion and believes and that is so refreshing for a young person to see. She inspires me every day not to loose my beliefs and trust in my religion. 

Lastly, I only have one word on her relationship with John: #GOALS. I mean… Look at them!! 

I guess I should stop myself here before I write a blog post the size of the Bible on her and look creepy. But seriously, go follow her and you won’t regret it !!! 

Lots of love, Yara ♥

Emily The Sweetest Thing Blog Backroad Photography -257.jpg

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***DISCLAIMER: ALL photos are from Emily Ann Gemma’s Blog! You can find them HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE !!***

34 Get to Know Me Questions


I always thought that these tags on YouTube were spectacular. Funny, engaging, interesting, they give viewers and readers a little more of you. So I thought I would write a “Get to know me” post since it was my birthday recently. I have found these questions on the YouTube Society’s website and will just go ahead and answer a few. 

  1. What is your favourite colour? – White, black and pink
  2. Who was your first best friend? – I had several, Stelan, Nina, Eira… 
  3. How tall are you? – 1,59 m or 5’2 ft
  4. How old are you? – 24
  5. Cats or dogs? – Both 
  6. Funniest moment through school? – Every school dance 
  7. How many countries have you visited? – About eight
  8. Are you in/ gone to college? – Just graduated! 
  9. What’s your favourite/ worst subject in school?  – Languages/ Math
  10. What’s your favourite drink? – La Croix (the orange flavour) 
  11. What’s your favourite animal? – Dogs, cats and horses
  12. What’s your favourite perfume? – Jo Malone in Mimosa & Cardamom
  13. Mornings or night? – Definitely mornings. I wake up at 5 to walk my dogs 
  14. Tea or coffee? – Coffee early in the morning, tea the rest of the day
  15. What’s your favourite food? – Nutella (does that count?) 
  16. What sports do/did you play? – Volleyball, dance and horseback riding 
  17. What’s your favourite book? – The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett) and Shadow of the wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafón) 
  18. What’s your favourite holiday and season? – Christmas, because I get to see my family and Autumn because it’s sweater weather
  19. Who are some of your favourite YouTubers? – Alex Garza, Tanya Burr and Zoella… 
  20. What’s your favourite movie? – Currently: Bad Moms
  21. Are you single or taken? – Taken and I love it 
  22. What’s your idea of an ideal date? – Anything works as long as you’re yourself and have tons of fun 
  23. Favourite memory from childhood? – Any holiday surrounded by family
  24. Do you speak any different languages? – Yes, five more
  25. Do you have any siblings? – A little brother who is my other half
  26. How would you describe your fashion sense? – Not very current, more like classic… I’m gonna admit that I don’t have a great fashions sense, which is why I follow so many fashionistas
  27. Whats your favourite store? – Zara, no doubt
  28. What is the last thing you bought? – Groceries two days ago (how fun!)
  29. What’s your favourite restaurant? – My mom’s house
  30. What are some of your favourite TV shows? – Bones, Stranger Things and Revenge
  31. PC or Mac? – Mac
  32. What phone do you have? – iPhone 
  33. Who was the last person you texted? – my friend Sabela
  34. One of your bad habits? – Eating when I am bored… 


I hope you guys enjoyed this little Q&A. If you have any other questions you would like me to answer and add to this list, just include them in the comment section below. 

Lots of love, Yara ♥ 

Inspiration of the Week: Alexandrea Garza/ Maddalena


09 September 2016

Hello everybody! 

Lately I have been very inspired. Inspired to decorate my closet/ girl room, to try and not leave the house looking awful and even to experiment with make up (I am in NO WAY any good with make up, just so you know!). Since I am no expert in these, and don’t consider myself very fashion-forward, I definitely need help from ladies that are good at this. And what better than to get inspired by a fashionista/ YouTuber? 

I mean, they are online to help you out so I’m fully taking advantage of that. And while I love to get ideas from these ladies, I thought it would be just fair to give them credit and tell you why I love them, their ideas and styles in this Mini-Series called “Inspiration of the Week.”

Let me know if this is something you like and if you would like me to continue in a comment below! Now let’s get started!! 

Alexandrea Garza/ Maddalena 


I first found Alex in a random video on YouTube last year. I had just recently started watching YouTube videos to see how to do more sophisticated make-up looks when I saw one of every-day make-up videos. She was so sweet, fun and made make-up look so easy that I had to subscribe to her account. 

She is the first person I thought about for this series because I have been anxious for Autumn and whilst re-watching her Autumn videos from her Lifestyle Faves last year where she mentioned the Marshmallow Fireside candle. It is fair to say that I ran to Bath & Body Works to get myself several candles for the house and have been burning that one non-stop. 

What I love most about Alex are definitely her style, her make-up skills and her and Michael’s Vlogs. When I need be inspired as far as what clothing to wear, I’ll just go straight to her Instagram. But on day where I am home and can work from here, there is nothing better than to make my coffee and watch their Vlog channel to have a great laugh. It just brightens my day. Alex and Michael are completely #CoupleGoals. 

If you aren’t already, you need to follow them both on YouTube and social media. You won’t regret it !! They’ll even inspire your home decor (they both have great taste!). 

I hope you guys liked this post. Let me know below if you enjoy these and would like me to continue doing them. Until next time! 

Lots of love, Yara ♥

Oh Colorful Colorado!

colo 2.jpg08 September 2016

I am not going to lie: I did not know a lot about Colorado before coming here. I knew it was known for its mountains, this was the state where Aspen was located and that it was cold for six months of the year…

Colorado is now famous for many more things than I thought, like its breweries, the spectacular aviation programs universities have, being a start-up’s dream location and much, much more. 

Now, after living here for the past four years, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I do love cities like Washington D.C. and L.A., but those don’t feel like home to me. There are so many things about this place that I love and would miss if I were to ever leave. Like being able to experience the four seasons distinctly, sometimes even in one day hahahah or the beautiful parks and green areas that make Colorado the place it is. Everywhere you look there is a place for people to gather and bring their pets, exercise or just hang out. 

Then there are the astonishing mountains this place is known for. There are smaller, easier mountains people can hike, bike or drive up like some in the city of Boulder. Then there are 14ers like Mount Bierstadt or Mount Evans. I’ve done the first one and let me tell you that I didn’t know how out of shape I was until I started that bad boy… But those are definitely within my five favourite things to do. And the views on the top are SO WORTH IT. 

I also love the people here in Colorado. When I first came I was surprised at how polite and friendly everyone was. It was so weird to me! I almost felt uncomfortable because I felt like they were being fake… Now, I have even noticed that I try to stop myself when I have something sassy to say and try to stay polite and nice to everyone. It has made such a big difference!!! Road-rage = almost Zero! I love how everybody is ready to answer any questions and so willing to help you when you’re in need. I try to take this with me everywhere I go. However, patience is not a virtue I have mastered quite yet, but I am getting there! 

Lastly, and this might not be unique to Colorado, I love how everyone gets so into the festivities here. It’s the beginning of September and people here are already putting up Autumn decor and Halloween things hahahaha I love how the neighborhoods are decorated and everybody’s house seems to be synchronized with the season. 

Well, I could go on ranting about everything that I love about this beautiful city but I won’t. Below I have listed some things I believe everybody who comes to this state should do or visit. I know sometimes there is not enough time, but I thought I would still list them all. 

  1. Mountains – whether it is something close to downtown like Red Rocks or you have more time and can go to Georgetown (Clear Creek) or the Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, the mountains are a must see! 
  2. Washington or City Park – these are both close to downtown and easily accessible to everyone. You can enjoy a beautiful summer picnic or a chilly fall barbecue with family and friends, or simply go on a walk around the park. 
  3. Denver Art Museum or Museum of Nature and Science – these are two of my favourite museums in Denver. The expositions they host are always spectacular and the art museum is a great place to learn about Colorado, its history and the native people. 
  4. Breweries and Old Town’s – there are tons of these around the whole state, but one of the ones I visit the most is Fort Collins. They have really cute little town shops and exceptionally good local restaurants and coffee shops. 
  5. Boulder – I think this is one of the cutest towns Colorado has. If you can, I suggest visiting Pearl Street Mall and the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company, which has my all-time favourite teas! 
  6. Hot Springs – If you have time and want to truly relax, the hot springs are a great way to do so. Again, there are several of these around the state, but one of the closest ones to downtown Denver is probably Glenwood Springs. Definitely one of my biggest little pleasures during the cold months here. 


Let me know what you think about these, if you have been to Colorado before or have other suggestions for others and myself!! I am not native to this place and always love to discover new places and things to do. 

Lots of love, Yara ♥ 


[Walking through the woods in Roosevelt National Forest]


[Last Fall’s leaves at our house]


[Red Rocks when my family visited last December. Funny enough, we weren’t posing. My cousin just took an amazing picture] image3.JPG

[Last March… yes, March!]


[Evergreen, Colo. – One of my favourite lakes]

From Negative to Positive

How to change a day that doesn’t start very good into a great day

This morning I didn’t wake up in the best mood. Work went on until 8:30 p.m., I couldn’t sleep through the whole night and kept waking up and finally had to get up for work again. After washing my face and thinking about how everything could have turned out differently, I looked at myself and thought that it was all very pathetic. 

If I wanted to have a good day, I would have to change my attitude and make it a good day. So I thought I would share what I do to change my negative and bad days into good ones. It might not be what you need exactly (I am definitely not an expert), but it does help me and I hope it inspires you. 

Let me just say that I am a morning person; like, I like to wake up at 5 a.m. kind of person. So I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth and then did the following: 

1. Love – I have to admit that I am lucky to wake up with the person I love next to me every day. So this morning I hugged him, and told him how much I loved him. Then I let my dogs out to go on a wee, and made sure to hug and kiss them as well. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our partners and pets love us regardless of our moods… So I tried to remember that throughout the whole day. 

2. Take a good shower – Once I let the dogs out, I went back to my bathroom and took a very warm and relaxing shower. I even included relaxing music and a bath oil to it. I love taking baths, but even though I woke up early it still is a work day, so a shower had to do the trick. If you can, it also helps to dim the lights or use candles. 

3. Enjoy the summer morning – Colorado has the best summer mornings ever. It was storming like crazy yesterday, including lightning and lots of rain, and yet this morning the sun came out bright and early and I decided to walk the dogs for a good half hour. Just getting that little exercise in, in good company and enjoying a beautiful day can change your mood really quickly. Or at least that helps me.  

4. Eat a good breakfast – Tip number 4 is breakfast. Since I wake up so early, I usually am starving at 6:30 a.m. And I loooooooove breakfast. Today I made one of my favorites of the summer season: a bowl of granola with honey and vanilla yogurt, a banana and some cinnamon powder to sweeten it all. It was delicious, it’s so easy to make and it’s light for the hot summer mornings.  

5. Wear something you like – I did have to go to the office today, so I thought what better than to wear a cute outfit that is comfy and still keeps me warm in the cold office AC. I wore these cute and comfortable pants from H&M, this fancy-looking shirt from Michael Kors and flats. It might be 34°C outside (that’s like 93°F) but the AC is really strong where I work, so I prefer to wear long pants and a thin shirt with a sweater if it gets too cold for me. Remember, I am from Spain… So I get really cold very easily. 

6. Think about positive things in your life – My last advice to you is to remember that a bad morning is not a reflection of your life. To remind myself, I made a list of all the things I am blessed with: my family, far and close, Daniel my boyfriend, my friends that are always there for me, my pets that love me unconditionally, the job I have and everybody I got to know thanks to it, the life I have in the Unites States… 

These are just six small tips to improve your morning and hopefully your day. There are always things you can do to turn negative around into positive and I firmly believe that living like that you can have a happier life. 

Lots of love, 


(This picture isn’t mine)

P.S.: Can you tell I’m not a photograph?